Easily pay your monthly bill with Macau Pass  

Service 1: Online payment

3G and 4G customers can simply pay the monthly bill in 3Macau website or My3Macau App by MPay payment method.

- 3Macau Website Login

Service 2: Shop e-self care Kiosk payment  

3G & 4G customers can use the e-self care kiosk machine in 3Shops to pay the monthly bill by using Macau Pass.

- Fast Pay (User Guide) 

- Account Summary (User Guide)

Service Procedures  
Service 1. Online Payment

Method 1: 3Macau Website Login: Fast Pay

1. Press “Fast Pay” in 3Macau main page.  


2. Fill in the mobile no., and press “Check” button, the payable bill amount will be displayed.  


3. Fill in the payment amount, and press “Confirm” button.  


4. After transferring into the Mpay web page, login your Mpay account or scan QR code to complete the payment.  

Service 2: Procedures of Shop e-self Kiosk payment  
(1) Select “Fast Pay” (2) Enter Mobile Number and click “OK”.
(3) Re-enter Mobile Number and click “OK”. (4) Input payment amount and click “Confirm”.
(5) Select and input detail of “Payment Receipt Delivery” and click “Confirm”. (6) Re-click “Confirm” if everything is correct.

Service 2. Shop e-self care Kiosk - Account Summary

(1) Select Account Summary. (2) Enter your mobile number. 3G customer can enter the first 6 digits of “BIR/ Passport/ Permit” or 3Care Password to login; 4G customer only can enter 3Care Password to login (For forgotten password, please call 1118 to reset).
(3) Check the monthly fee, rebate/ prepayment refund and bonus details by choosing “Monthly Plan Details”. (4) Press “Macau Pass Payment” if the bill account and bill amount are correct.

(5) In “Input Amount” page, the balance could be re-entered when the payment amount is needed to be changed. If the information is all correct, please press “Confirm” to the next step. (6) In “Payment” page, you could choose the channels (SMS/ E-mail) for receive the payment message. If the information is all correct, press “Confirm” and place Macau Pass on the reader. The payment amount and balance of Macau Pass will be shown out if the payment successful.

Remark: The e-self payment could mot be processed if the balance of Macau Pass is not enough or the card is invalid. Please remember to log out after use for protecting your personal information.


Terms & Conditions:

By using Macau Pass to pay 3Macau monthly service fee , you are agreeing the following terms:

  1. 1.3Macau is acting as one of merchants of MacauPass app and please feel free to contact Macau Pass for questions or 3Macau can refer your enquiry to Macau Pass. Following is MacauPass contact :
  2. 2.3Macau may suspend or terminate the service including but not limited to suspension or termination requested by MacauPass.
  3. 3.This Service 3 is only applicable for Android mobiles equipped with NFC function.
  4. 4.This Services above are not applicable for integrated accounts.
  5. 5.This Services above don’t support payment with account balance in MacauPass app or Alipay.
  6. 6.3Macau reserves right to modify the terms of use and amendment shall be effective upon publishing on 3Macau Website.