"My3Macau" 2.1 Free Mobile App
My3Macau App is a one stop convenient mobile platform that allows you to interact with your account anywhere, anytime. Check billings, exclusive services, marketing offer, and staying in touch with 3Macau.
Key features:
1. 24 hours interactive online "iChat" Service;
2. Set local data usage real-time alert;
3. Enquire for bill, payment method, data usage, etc;
4. Switch on common services, such as Call Forward, etc;
5. E-coupon for 3Customers: catering and electronic products, etc;
6. 3 Exclusive Services and Promotion.

1. For first time login, 4G customers please click "Set/Forget Password" to set the password.
2. We will upgrade this app’s content from time to time. Upon each update, a prompt notice will appear when you access this app.
3. The data charges will be applied for downloading, upgrading or using this app.
24 hours interactive online "iChat" Service Set local data usage real-time alert View Recent Usage
E-coupon for 3Customers 3 Promotion Switch on common services
Download "My3Macau" App
  1. Search "My3Macau" in App Store on iPhone. Then download and install, or click here銆�
  2. Search "My3Macau" in Google Play Store on Android handset. Then download and install, or click here銆�
  3. Scan the QR code below, then download and install.
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Language Version:
Chinese, English