Basic Value-added Service Charges
Basic VAS
Service Monthly Charge (MOP)
Caller Number Display $20
Conference Call $20
VoiceMail $10
Call forwarded package $20
Super VAS package
(Caller Display + Call Waiting + Call Foward Bundle)
Other Services
Service Charge (MOP)
SIM Card Connection Fee $150
Each SIM Card Replacement* $60
Reconnection of Service $30
Change of Mobile Number* $55
Change of Service Plan $50
Fees will be waived for tariff plan upgrade 
Detailed Bill $20/month
Fees will be waived for application at 3Shop


* Customer is liable to pay $30 Macau SAR Government Change of Customer Information Fee.

All disputes will be subjected to the final decision of Hutchison  Telephone (Macau) Company Limited and no prior notice will be given should there be any changes in the terms and conditions.