Check Point ZoneAlarm®


ZoneAlarm® is built by the global security expert, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., with best-in-class malwares detection1. ZoneAlarm® protects your critical personal data on Android / iOS devices.


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1. Use 3iChat online customer service; 2. 3Hotline︰1118; 3. Visit 3Shops.



Common Features:


    • Device vulnerability: Make sure your Android / iOS device isn't rooted / compromised.
    • Wi-Fi Encryption Test: Test if your current Wi-Fi network is encrypted.
    • Wi-Fi Protection: Detect unsafe Wi-Fi networks that can compromise your privacy.
    • Wi-Fi Ranking: Rank the Hotspots around you to ensure you connect to the most secure option.
    • 100% Privacy: No personal information is collected and shared with anyone.
    • No Ads: No hassle. ZoneAlarm® is only about your mobile security.
    • Apps Protection**: Scan for infected apps, and harmful updates and alerts you on risks.
    • Device Shield: Alert you to suspicious processes and guard your operating system from attacks.
      1. Recommended by NSS Labs as Security Effectiveness and Value in NSS Breach Detection Systems Test in 2015 and 2016. Source from https://www.checkpoint.com/resources/nss-breach-detection-systems/





      Tap the center of the screen to scan your mobile device, applications and Wi-Fi network whenever you need.

      The app will show "POTENTIAL RISKS DETECTED!" if the app found any security risks on your device. The category with threats will be shown with an orange dot.


      The app will show "THREAT DETECTED!" if the app found any threats on your device. The category with threats will be shown with a red dot.

      The app will show "SECURITY ISSUES DETECTED!" if any threats found in your Wi-Fi network.




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